Intercultural Awareness Courses
Intercultural Awareness Courses

Courses in the Humanities
SPA 101-405                          (except Spanish 210)
SPA111 & 112                       Poco a Poco Spanish 1 & 2 (Both courses must be taken)
THE 313                                  Religions of the World
ENG366                                  Evolving Canons (pending approval in April 2011)

Courses in the Social Sciences
SOC 230                                 Native American Studies
SOC 301                                 Racial and Ethnic Minorities
SOC302/SWK 302                Social Diversity
HIS245                                    History of Africa
History 310                             Black American History
CRJ360                                   World Criminal Justice Systems 

Courses in Business
BUF 283                                  International Business Culture

Courses in Education
EDU231                                   Native American Studies for Educators
EDU373                                   Learning Communities of the World

Student Development
SDV 293                                 Cross Cultural Experience

Approved travel courses fulfill the IA component.