Welcome to USF Sculpture Walk

The University of Sioux Falls is grounded in the liberal arts tradition, which values the development of students’ intellectual, analytical and creative capacities. We seek to cultivate students’ knowledge and appreciation of the visual and performing arts.

Featured Art Pieces for USF SculptureWalk 2014

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Serge Mozhnevsky
Seats Taken
Gregory Mendez
Dream of Flight
Jim Maher
Christ in the Wilderness
Bobbie Carlyle
Implement Bird
Jacque Frazee
Agitated Avians
Craig Snyder
Carl Sean McMahon
Book of Life
Osamede Obazee
Sioux Falls
Chris Powell
Twisted Perch
Deb Zelenak
Sandhill Cranes
Gregory Johnson
Alice In Wonderland
Lance Carleton
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