A campus tradition.

We encourage students to engage in the arts by participating in our programs in art, music and theatre and by experiencing permanent exhibits such as USF SculptureWalk.

Permanent Sculptures on the USF Campus

Felix Velez

Velez had no formal training in art, just a drive, a love of his faith and a sense of adventure. He draws his ideas and creativity from nature. Wildlife and the human figure are his favorite subjects. "God has created the human body, and it is interesting with its muscles and movements. The main thing is to capture the moment and make it lifelike."
Leaf Lady
Albert Belleveau

The leaf vortices that swirl around in the fall seem to have a feminine quality about them, and they are portrayed in this sculpture.
Doug Baer '67

Doug Baer, a 1967 graduate of Sioux Falls College, created this sculpture to represent a larger-than-life mascot for the school. "To me, a wildlife animal isn’t a zoo study," he says. "Photo realism is just a rendering like a camera. To me when I'm around wildlife, they're on the move. They're looking, listening or adjusting."
Shohini Ghosh

Tranquil is a seated mermaid in contemplative thought with a tranquil expression of inner peace.
Alan Newberg '66

President Reuben Jeschke (1953-1970) and science professor Dr. John Butler (1963-1974) commissioned Sioux Falls College senior Alan Newberg to complete a monumental sculpture to commemorate the dedication of the Salsbury Science Center in 1967. The corten steel sculpture involves three vanes representing physics, chemistry and biology; these vanes are connected by a central ring that structurally and symbolically unites them.
 Cross Section
Paul T. Granlund

This sculpture, commissioned in memory of Joseph E. Salsbury, was presented to Sioux Falls College by John and Doris Salsbury. Granlund says, "Space shapes intersect the prisms to form a composite cross of geometric masses and shapes. Christ is invisible on this cross; in His place are two human figures."
 9/11 Steel Girder

The steel girder from the World Trade Center is placed on the University of Sioux Falls' campus in honor of those who lost their lives and those whose valiant efforts saved thousands.
 Divine Servant
Max Greiner

This work depicts Jesus washing the feet of Peter as written in John 13.
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