When can I apply for admission to the program?

At any time; however, we request that you apply at least 1-3 months before the start of the semester you wish to be accepted to. Once accepted, we ask that you register for your classes at least 2 weeks to 1 month prior to the start of your first class meeting.

Criteria for admission?

See 'Apply For Admission ' on the USF webpage.

How many semester hours is the program?

30 semester hours.

How long will the program take to complete?

Most graduate students complete the program in 2 to 2-1/2 years taking 2 classes per semester and attending summer school. You have a maximum of 7 years to complete the program.

What is the cost per semester hour?

Tuition and Transfer Information

Will I be with the same cohort from the beginning to the end of the degree program?

It depends on when you start. We have a 'modified cohort' program which allows students to begin in the semester they wish with the understanding that not all courses in the Ed.S. sequence are offered every year.

Where are most of the classes held?

Cleveland Center for Ed.S./ Supt. students and Glidden Hall and Library for Ed.S./Principal students.

How often do you publish a course catalog?

Every 2 years. The last one was published for the academic years 2015-17. Click here to view published course catalogs.

How often are the classes I need to take to complete my program offered?

Some are offered every year and others are offered every other year. Contact the Director of Graduate Education for further information as to specifics.

Can I do a dual licensure track within the Ed.S. Program (i.e. earn both principal and supt. licensure concurrently)?

Yes; it would require additional coursework and an extended timeframe.