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Mathematics on the Northern Plains
Undergraduate Research Conference
University of Sioux Falls
Saturday, April 20, 2013

Keynote Speakers:
Dr. Todd Mateer, National Security Agency
Dr. Todd Mateer received his PhD in Mathematical Sciences from Clemson University in 2008. His dissertation discusses Fast Fourier Transform Algorithms and their applications in signal analysis, computer algebra, and coding theory. He received both a B.S.E.E. degree and a B.S. degree in Mathematics / Computer Science from Grove City College. He earned a Masters Degree from Clemson University, where he conducted a mathematical analysis of video poker and mathematically proved that one can profit from certain casino games such as video poker over a long period of time with the appropriate strategy.

Dr. Jose Flores, University of South Dakota

José D. Flores is full professor of Mathematics at The University of South Dakota. He received his PhD in Mathematics from The University of Iowa in 1990 in Numerical Analysis under the direction of Kendall Atkinson. Since 2009, he concurrently holds the adjunct professor appointment at the Center for Mathematical, Computational, and Modeling Sciences Center at Arizona State University where he spends the summers working on research at the Mathematical and Theoretical Biology Institute.  Professor Flores is a Fulbright Scholar, as a Fulbright Senior Specialist he spends the summer 2008 at the Catholic University of Valparaíso in Valparaíso, Chile. Dr. Flores works in the field of Mathematical Ecology in the area of Population Dynamics studying predator-prey models derived from Population Biology. His recent research focuses in the consequences of introducing Allee effect and ratio dependence in predator-prey models applied to biological pest control.

Funding for the 2013 Mathematics on the Northern Plains Conference is provided by NSF grant DMS-0846477 through the MAA Regional Undergraduate Mathematics Conferences program, .