Project Management

What can I do with a degree in Project Management?

Most people who earn a Project Management degree go on to work as project managers. A project manager oversees all elements of a project. This might be an IT project, a construction project or anything in between. A project manager must manage tasks throughout the project from conception to completion. Tasks may include defining goals, creating and maintaining schedules, establishing and monitoring budgets, delegating tasks to other team members, monitoring project process and meeting deadlines.

Project managers are increasingly in demand. Every industry has a need for project managers, and most like to turn to someone with experience, education, certification or some combination of the three. With the right education and work experience, you may also be able to use your Project Management degree to secure positions in operations management, supply chain management, business administration or another area of business or management.

Student Learning Outcomes:

1.  Apply decision support tools to business decision-making.

2.  Apply major concepts of the selected discipline to real-world applications.

3.  Construct and present effective oral and written forms of professional communication.

4.  Demonstrate competency in using critical, creative and integrative thinking.

5.  Evaluate the legal, social and economic environments of business.

6.  Identify ethical issues and obligations of business using ethical and faith-based frameworks.


Project Management Curriculum

ACC 228 Accounting for Decision Making
BUS 200 Foundation for Professional Development
BUS 215 Introduction to Project Management
BUS 230 Project Management Tools
BUS 322 Employment Law
BUS 345 Project Performance and Quality Assurance
BUS 386 Dynamics of Group and Organizational Behavior
BUS 420 Leadership in organizations
BUS 435 Project Risk Management
BUS 445 Project Management Capstone
BUS 482 Personal and Professional Christian Ethics and Values
CST 373 Intercultural Communication
ENG 481 Applied Organizational Research Proposal
MAT 270 Statistics and Mathematical Functions
THE 376 Faith and World Views