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Requesting Accommodations

Learning Accessibility Services (LAS) asks students who request accommodations to describe their disability, their past use of accommodations, or the disability’s likely impact on their educational experiences. Documentation can provide a valuable tool for helping the University of Sioux Falls understand how courses, systems and facilities may present barriers, as well as for planning accommodations that facilitate access. For this reason, LAS often uses external documentation to augment conversations with students and to support requests for accommodations. 

Types of helpful documentation supportive of such requests include medical records, psycho-educational testing, and school records. These documents typically include an evaluation by a qualified professional that makes evident the current impact and functional limitations of the disability as it relates to the accommodation(s) you are requesting.  

Documentation that is shared with LAS is kept confidential and separate from a student's academic record. If you do not have copies of this type of information, you are welcome to meet with the director of Learning Accessibility Services to discuss community services that exist to help you demonstrate a connection between your condition and any academic barriers you anticipate or are facing.

Types of Accommodations
Reasonable accommodations are provided to ensure students with disabilities are given an equal opportunity to pursue their academic interests. Receiving an accommodation or service is contingent upon the documented nature of your disabilities. Even with documentation, Learning Accessibility Services cannot provide accommodations that would fundamentally alter the essential components of a course or program.

Learning Accessibility Services works with students to identify appropriate accommodations for each semester. To allow for adequate planning and service delivery, students should make requests for accommodations as early as possible. Available accommodations include, but are not limited to the following:
• Extended exam time
• Distracted-reduced space
• Proctors and/or scribes
• Computer access for exams
• Enlarged print
• Text books in an alternate format
• Audio or video taping of text materials
• Note-taking
• Priority seating
• Sign language interpreters
• Housing Accommodations

Students are encouraged to consult with LAS for additional information and assistance.

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