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Required Documentation

Students with disabilities seeking reasonable accommodations must identify their needs to Learning Accessibility Services (LAS). To fully evaluate requests for accommodations, LAS requests documentation to verify a student's disability.

The minimum guidelines listed below are developed to assist students in working with their treating/diagnosing professional(s) to prepare the information needed to evaluate request(s). Submitted documentation should include the following:

  • A diagnostic statement identifying the disability. When appropriate, include International Classification of Diseases (ICD) or Diagnostic Statistical Manual (DSM) codes, the date of the most recent evaluation and a comprehensive description of the diagnostic assessment method utilized. If the most recent evaluation was not a full evaluation, indicate when the last full evaluation was conducted.
  • Current functional impact of the condition(s). The current relevant functional limitations on physical (mobility, dexterity, endurance, etc.), perceptual, cognitive (attention, distractibility, communication, etc.), and behavioral abilities should be described.
  • Specific recommended accommodations. Explain how these accommodations address the functional limitations of the disability.

Additional guidelines may exist for learning and psychological disabilities. If a student has multiple conditions, sufficient information confirming the presence of each disability is needed, as well as information regarding how the conditions may interact. Finally, documentation should contain the professional's signature and list his or her credentials.

Students are encouraged to consult with LAS for additional information and assistance. Documentation that is shared with LAS is kept confidential and separate from a student's academic record. 

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