Faculty Expertise
Our faculty have an extensive background in the field of law and their expertise will prepare you for a successful career in law.
Law School 
Law schools accept students from many different disciplines. USF encourages students to take a variety of classes that suit their own talents and interests.

The University of Sioux Falls offers a broadly-based, high-quality program for students who are preparing to study law. While most schools do not recommend any specific major or set of “pre-law” courses, the Association of American Law Schools has suggested that pre-law students choose courses that develop basic skills (e.g., thinking, reading, writing, speaking and researching) and provide insight into human institutions and values. If you would like to pursue law school, some undergraduate majors you may want to consider include Business Administration, Criminal Justice, English, History and Political Science.


At USF, we can help you design a program of study that helps you reach your personal and professional goals.


Of USF graduates, 97 percent find employment in their chosen fields within six months of graduation

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