Entrepreneurial Studies

What is Entrepreneurship?
Have you ever wanted to work in an industry you are passionate about?  Do you want to thrive in an environment where creativity and independence are the norm?  Is there an area in the community you would like to make a difference in?

Entrepreneurship is more than running a business, making money or even providing jobs.  It is a way to make meaningful contributions to your neighbors, to your community, to your world.  Entrepreneurship is a way of life.  It is creating something of value that is new and innovative; it fulfills a need, it assumes risks and gains rewards for a job well done.

Entrepreneurs come in all different shapes, sizes and industries.  Here are just a few examples of what Entrepreneurship can do:

  • Own a manufacturing or retail business
  • Use technology to innovate and change an industry through research & development
  • Pastor a Church
  • Enter the field of Missions Work
  • Create a non-profit to address a social need
     ..the possibilities are only limited by your imagination.



Entrepreneurial Studies Student Testimonies




Entrepreneurial Studies Major

-       Entrepreneurship: starting new organizations or revitalizing mature organization in response to identified opportunities as a profession

-       This program is for students who want the skills and experience to:

1)     start a for-profit or non-profit organization

2)    revitalize mature for-profit or non-profit organizations

-       The capstone of this major is the creation of a viable entrepreneurial plan

-       The goal of this major is to guide students through the entrepreneurial process.

-       This culminates in the entrepreneurial plan that provides financial possibilities to students’ life goals.

What does this major offer?

-       Students will develop many talents. In an existing or new business they will be able to enhance:

1)    Media Development

2)    Opportunity identification

3)    Marketing

4)    Sales

5)    Management

6)    Entrepreneurial plan development

What can I do with this major?

-       Students will develop many skills and be able to work in various fields, such as:

1)    Media development

2)    Opportunity identification

3)    Marketing

4)    Sales

5)    Basic accounting

6)    Management



ART110 Visual Arts Computer Applications  (3 s.h.)

-Explore Adobe CS programs: Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. 

-Work with:


       computer color

       computer type

       copyright restrictions

­­MED204 Electronic Media  (3 s.h.)

-Develop skills with electronic audio/video production and theory

-Get creative with hands-on experience with up-to-date audio/video production equipment used in electronic communication

  ENT 225 Innovation and Problem Solving (3 s.h.)

-Focus on development of world-changing, original ideas

-Emphasis on networking and people skills

ENT 235 Entrepreneurial Dynamics  (3 s.h.)

-Prepare for success in the business world

-Explore the exciting challenge of building a new business

-Focus on:

       new business venture

       business structure

       business plan outline

ENT 240 Entrepreneurial Sales and Marketing (3 s.h) 

-Explore the dynamics of sales and marketing

-Learn to build and maintain fruitful, ongoing customer relationships

-Focus on:



       answering difficult questions


       presentation skills

ENT 245 Entrepreneurial Management  (3 s.h)

-Get into the mindset of an entrepreneur

-Use critical thinking to approach challenges creatively

-Deal specifically with:

       complex problems

       risk tolerance

       working through uncertainty as an entrepreneur

ENT250 Entrepreneurial Team Project (3 s.h.)

-Learn to identify and resolve a current issue.

-“Demonstrate by implementation”: creative thinking, sales, management, and entrepreneurial start-up.

ENT305 Entrepreneurial Financing (3 s.h.)

-Discover the financing needs of businesses and organizations.

-Learn to manage your own business using financial statements.

ENT260 Computerized Accounting (3 s.h.)  

-This course focuses on:




       Ledgers worksheets

       Financial statement preparation

ACC225 Principles of Accounting I (3 s.h.)

-Know the language of business.

-Equip yourself with the financial information needed for decision-making.

BUS401 Marketing Research (5 s.h.)

-Investigate and analyze problems through:




       Integrating marketing statistics

MAT233 Introduction to Statistics  (3 s.h.)

-Discover the world of statistics:

       Frequency and sampling distributions

       Testing hypotheses

       Analysis of variance

       Regression and correlations

       Nonparametric methods

PSY/SOC233 Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences (3 s.h.)  

-       Explore behavioral statistics:

       Statistical reasoning

       Descriptive statistics

       Inferential statistics

       Social and behavioral research

BUS320 Business Law (3 s.h.)

-       Discover the intersection of business and law.

-       Understand business relations through:


       Agency and employment

       Negotiable instruments

       Personal property



ENT395 Internship (3 s.h.)  

-       Get hands on experience in business

-       Gain realistic insight into challenges and issues faced by entrepreneurs

-       Understand the risks, challenges and uncertainties of owning a successful business

ENT425 Entrepreneurial Leadership and Ethics (3 s.h.)  

-       Learn about leadership skills, practices and theories in entrepreneurial settings:

       Private businesses


       Non-profit organizations

       Social movements

-       Study entrepreneurial leadership and the role of ethics and values  in leadership

       Understand Leading by Values

       Look at specific examples of leaders and their practices

-       Reflect on personal values, ethics and a personal definition of leadership in an entrepreneurial context

ENT330 Business Plan Development (3 s.h.)  

-       Create a mock business plan

-       Understand what it takes to start a business

-       Study environments in which businesses thrive

-       Focuses of this class:

       Starting a business

       Marketing products

       Operating a business

       Establishing financial and administrative controls

       Planning for the future



Individuals involved with the entrepreneurial studies program at the University of Sioux Falls have extensive experience in academics and entrepreneurship.  This is one area that sets our program apart from other institutions.  The best lessons in life are learned through experience and practical application.  All of our instructors, or "coaches", can take entrepreneurial theory and show students the practical application of it because we have personally lived through those experiences.

vanzee_ryanlg.jpg Dr. Ryan Van Zee, has been the Director of Entrepreneurial Studies at the University of Sioux Falls since the program began in 2008.  He has developed the curriculum for the minor in Entrepreneurial Studies and the curriculum for the Major in Entrepreneurial Studies in the Degree Completion Program.  Dr. Van Zee has served as the founder/CEO of Academic Improvement Corporation since 2006.  He received his Bachelor of Science degree from Northern State University; his Master of Arts degree from California State University at Bakersfield; and his Doctoral degree from the University of South Dakota.  He currently teaches Innovation and Problem Solving and Entrepreneurial Teams. 
bruce.jpg Bruce Watley, MBA has extensive experience in entrepreneurship.  For nearly 20 years, Mr. Watley has owned and operated niche manufacturing businesses in the outdoor sports industry.  Knight Rifles, Bug-Out Outdoorwear and Rattlers Brand are a few of the companies he has been involved with.  He received his Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with an emphasis in Marketing from Creighton University; his Master of Business Administration from the University of Phoenix; and most recently received a Certificate in Family Financial Planning from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. He teaches, as an adjunct, Business Plan Development, International Marketing, Marketing Management and Strategic Brand Management in the undergraduate, MBA and DCP programs.

For more Information Contact:

Dr. Ryan Van Zee
Cleveland, Room 212
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