Private Education Loan Information

If you decide that a Private Education Loan is your best option for meeting your out-of-pocket money owed to USF, you may choose to borrow through any lender offering a private educational loan. USF has provided some general information for your reference.

*The Private Education Loan application process may take several weeks.  Be sure to apply by August 1st for fall semester and January 1st for spring semester to ensure funding arrives to USF before the semester starts.

NOTE:  Do not borrow to pay for non-educational items  -- borrow only what you need for your education. 

Loan Limits
The maximum amount a student is eligible to borrow is determined by the USF Financial Aid Office and cannot exceed the student's cost of attendance minus other financial aid received.  The USF Financial Aid Office recommends students apply for both the fall and spring semesters in the same application.
Interest Rate and Fees
        - Interest rate: variable or fixed and varies with the lender and determined at
          the time of application
        - Fees: vary with the lender and are determined at the time of application

Applying for a private education loan
It is the recommendation of the University of Sioux Falls Financial Aid Office that the student borrower pursue Federal Student Aid (FSA) loans or other assisstance from the FSA programs before borrowing a private loan. The terms and conditions of an FSA loan may be more favorable than the provisions of private education loans.

        1. Select a lender.  Selecting a lender for a private education loan is an
            important decision. Before choosing a lender, students (and families) are
            encouraged to research the lender benefits, customer service and other
            information related to loan processing, services and costs.

        2. Apply for the private education loan(s) online.  USF has provided a list
           of private education loan lenders that USF students have used over the
           last 5 years.  These lenders are provided in no particular order.  You have the
           right to select any lender participating in a private education loan program and
           you are not required to choose from the lenders listed below.  USF does not
           promote, recommend or endorse any lenders noted below.  Click on the link
           provided to complete the online application process.
       3. Self-Certification Form:  Lenders are required to collect a Private Education
           Loan Applicant Self-Certification form from students prior to processing their
           private student loan. You will receive the form from the lender.  
           You may print a copy here for review and/or completion.

Alternative Loan Lenders 


 Credit Union and Small Private Student Loans 
Inquire at your local bank or credit union for possible application and eligibility requirements
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