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Federal Verification Worksheet Estimated Cost Worksheet
2014-2015 Federal Verification Worksheet
If you are picked for Verification of your FAFSA data, you will need to complete the Verification Worksheet. Please complete the worksheet in full and mail to the USF Financial Aid Office.
2014-2015 Estimated Cost Worksheet Use your Official USF Award Letter to determine your out-of-pocket expense for tuition, room and board. Use this form to help determine the amount to budget on the FACTS payment plan.

FERPA Release Form VA Benefit Information Form
FERPA Release Form (Federal Education Rights and Privacy Act)
Complete the FERPA Release Form to allow parents or other designated individuals the ability to discuss your financial aid and student billing information. Mail the completed form to the USF Financial Aid Office.
VA Benefit Information Form
Complete the Benefit Information Form to notify the Financial Aid Office of your expected VA Benefits.
Employer Reimbursement Federal Deferment Form
Employer Reimbursement
If you are receiving tuition reimbursement or tuition assistance from your employer, you are required to complete documentation each semester.
Federal Deferment Form
In-School Deferment Form for Stafford Loans
USF Yellow Ribbon Scholarship Endowed Scholarship
USF Yellow Ribbon Scholarship
Up to $2,400 per year
First-come, first-served, until spaces filled.
Application & certificate of military eligibility required.
Sullivan Youth Ministry Scholarship Lillibridge Entrepreneurial Scholarship
Sullivan Application
Application Deadline February 3rd,
2015. Students must declare a
Theology/Youth Ministry major.

Lillibridge Entrepreneurial Scholarship
Application Deadline February 3rd, 2015
24 ACT. Must major in Entrepreneurial Studies in the Vucurevich School of Business.

Loan Reduction Request Form Loan Increase Request Form
Loan Reduction Request Form
Complete this form if you would like to cancel part of your loan.  Return the completed form to the Financial Aid Office, in order for any changes to be made.
Loan Increase Request Form
Complete this form if you would like to increase a loan that had previously been either reduced or declined.