Cost of Attendance

How much does it cost to attend the University of Sioux Falls? Less than you may think!

When you look into the cost of the University of Sioux Falls, you will discover that the actual price MINUS the Financial Aid Package—consisting of scholarships, grants, loans and work-study programs—that USF's Financial Aid Office will put together for you, makes it much more affordable than you originally may have thought it would be.

What's the Net Price?

After you apply and receive your Financial Aid Package, you will know the net price you will pay to attend USF. At USF, full-time status includes 12 to 17 credit hours each semester, plus up to 4 semester hours during January Interim.

Room and Board*
Total Tuition, Room and Board
Average first-time, full-time freshman financial aid package

* Estimate is for double-occupancy rate in a traditional residence hall.
** Individual financial aid packages, which include loans, depend on a family's FAFSA results and resources.
*** Estimated Books and Supplies: $900-$1000 per year
**** Students participating in intercollegiate athletics may have additional costs and health coverage available. Visit the Student Health Insurance link for details.

Part-time Undergraduate Tuition – 2016-2017

1 hour: $350
2 hours: $700
3 hours: $1,050
4 hours: $1,400
5 hours: $1,750
6 hours: $2,100
7 hours: $2,450
8 hours: $6,040
9 hours: $6,795
10 hours: $7,550
11 hours: $8,305