Fredrikson School of Education

Educators change lives. Their influence awakens our potential to think critically as we learn, understand and grow. With wisdom and discernment, educators take us on an inward journey that lasts a lifetime. Do you feel called to be such a professional?

Our Mission:

The USF Roger and Ruth Fredrikson School of Education prepares educators with the knowledge, skills, and dispositions requisite to achieve lifelong learning for all students.

Our Purpose and Programs:      

With an emphasis on servant-leadership and a collaborative environment, we prepare candidates for initial certification, P-12 educators in advanced programs, and leaders in adult and higher education.

The Fredrikson School of Education offers undergraduate majors in elementary education and secondary education, special education, and a graduate degree that leads to initial teacher certification. With its nationally accredited educator preparation programs, the Fredrikson School of Education embraces professional standards for quality initial teacher preparation, including knowledge of the learner and learner differences, content knowledge, instructional practice, and professional responsibility.            

Embracing USF's motto of "Culture for Service," the Fredrikson School of Education provides educators with multiple opportunities to become a professional who understands the importance of combining intellect with spirit, knowledge with service. Graduate degrees in educational leadership qualify educators for principal or superintendent licensure.  Master’s degree programs are also available for educators who want to specialize in reading or technology, as well as for professionals in adult and higher education settings.