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Cash Advance
A cash advance request must be turned in on a Purchase Order/Check Request Form.
  • Put an “X” in the box marked "Check Request".
  • Clearly state that the request is for a Cash Advance.
  • Purchases up to $999 must have the area budget manager's approval and  purchases for $1,000 or over must be approved by the Senior Vice President for that area.  If the purchase is over $1999 you must have the signature of the President or the Vice President/Controller.
  • If the Purchase Order/Check Request Form is missing the appropriate signatures, the voucher will be returned to the employee unpaid.
  • Documentation and receipts (with business purpose) must be turned into the Business Office on a Travel Expense Detail form within one month of the check date of the advance.  Failure to turn in the Travel Expense Detail form  will result in a deduction from your paycheck in the amount of the cash advance.