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Travel Reimbursement

In order to receive a travel reimbursement, please fill out a the Travel Expense Detail form. The top section of this form is to be used as a worksheet.  All cash totals should be carried to the proper space on the bottom under “Cash Settlement”.

  • This form can be filled out in Excel, and then printed.
  • Lodging: Only actual room cost should be recorded in the column.  Any other costs should be recorded separately in the appropriate space, i.e. telephone, meals, etc.
  • Comment lines for food expenses are used if you take one or more people out for a meal.  Use the space for documentation and record in the space provided a brief explanation of the purpose of the meal.  Use additional sheets of paper, or the back of the form, for additional space as needed.
  • Gas is for RENTAL CAR OR UNIVERSITY CAR ONLY – If you are using your personal car, the 42 cents per mile reimbursement includes gas.
  • Please indicate the purpose of your trip at the top of the form.  Failure to do so may require the University to claim this as income to you and you will be taxed accordingly.
  • Cash Settlement explanation: 
    • Bring down cash expenditures from upper portion of form and total.  Enter amount of cash advanced by the university.
    • If applicable, in “Minus Cash Advance” column.  Subtract cash advance from total cash expenditures.
    • If cash advances exceed cash expenditures, record amount in “Total Due University” Column.
    • If Cash Expenditures are greater than cash advances, enter amount in “Total Due Employee” column.
  • Submit completed Travel Expense Detail and all receipts to Accounts Payable.
  • Supervisor approval is required prior to reimbursement.
  • If you need more space, please use an additional sheet.