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Request for Payment

All university purchases over $50.00 must have prior approval. This approval must be obtained before merchandise is ordered, and the purchase order number must be supplied to the vendor prior to the order being placed.

  • Purchase of office supplies through the University Bookstore is encouraged.
  • Students may not sign for University purchases.
  • No purchases may be made by the Student Activities Sponsors without first securing a purchase order from the Business Office.  If the activity sponsor does not place the order, the sponsor must have signed the request for the purchase.

Instructions for Purchasing (Before any items over $50.00 are ordered or purchased)

Complete the Purchase Order/Check Request Form with the account number and appropriate signatures included before the form is submitted to the Business Office.

  • Put an "X" in the box on the Purchase order request line.
  • Vendor name and address must be supplied.
  • Purchases up to $999 must have the area budget manager's approval, purchases for $1,000 or over must be approved by the Senior Vice President for that area, and over $1999 must be signed by the President or Vice President/Controller.
  • All necessary signatures must be obtained by the originator before a purchase order will be processed. Incomplete forms will be returned to the originator which may delay purchase order.