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Credit Card Expense
Corporate credit cards can be used only for purchase of University of Sioux Falls items.  No personal charges should be made.
  • The Credit Card Expense Detail is to be completed and turned in with all credit card receipts to support the charges.
  • Any credit card purchase over $1,000.00 will need an expense approval form filled out and signed by the appropriate Senior Vice President (see purchasing procedures for signature requirements), prior to the purchase being made. A copy of this signed and dated form should be turned in with the credit card voucher form.
  • All travel expenses purchased on a corporate credit card are to be recorded on the travel expense detail form. A copy of this form should be attached to the credit card voucher.
  • The holder of the card is personally responsible for any late charges or interest incurred. A miscellaneous deduction from your paycheck will be made if a personal check for these fees is not turned in with the credit card statement.
  • The cardholder’s supervisor must sign the Credit Card Voucher. If the supervisor does not sign the form, the voucher will be returned to the cardholder. If your supervisor is unavailable, the Senior Vice President for your area can sign the Credit Card Voucher. The card holder can not approve the charges on the card; this must be done by the supervisor. Signatures must be obtained according to the total of the charges.