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Budget Reports

Budget reports will be sent to budget managers in December for the 2 prior fiscal years and current fiscal year (activity through date run) to assist with the budgeting process.

For each discretionary expense listed, the reports will show B (the amount budgeted for that month) and A (the amount actually spent for that month).  The detail for these actual expenses would be found on the monthly reports sent to you from the Business Office.  If you did not keep those reports and need that information to assist you with the budget process, we could rerun them for you, if necessary.

At the end of each year’s report, the department totals for all discretionary expenditures is shown.  The totals represent the total budgeted for the department and the actual expensed, then the variance between these two amounts is calculated for you.

Please contact Amy Warwick or Kim Beaner if you have any questions on these reports or any issues with your Budget process.