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Welcome to the USF Student Accounts Office Webpage!

The Student Accounts Office administers the communication, billing, and receipt of all University charges.

Registration as a student at the University of Sioux Falls generates an obligation to pay all charges associated with attendance. 
-Students are billed on a semester/term basis. 
-Payment is due in full by the first day of the semester/term and is expected prior to attending any classes. 

When you register as a student at USF, you agree to make payments when due and acknowledge that unpaid charges may subject you to finance charges, suspension of current and future registrations, and the withholding of a degree and/or transcript.

The University of Sioux Falls charges interest monthly (12%APR) on all outstanding balances, as well as a once per semester $50 late fee if balances are
not fully paid by September 30 and February 28, for the fall and spring semesters, respectively.

The Student Accounts Office appreciates the opportunity to serve the USF student population!  You may link to more information by selecting the subject areas on the left-border of this page.  

Please contact the Student Accounts Office at 605-331-6640 if you have questions.