Work-Study FAQs

Each year many common questions are asked concerning the Work-Study Program.  In an attempt to answer the most frequently asked questions, we have prepared the following: 

Am I guaranteed a job?
Answer:  No.  It is your responsibility to return the Work-Study Application in the summer.

How do I know what jobs are available?
  Please contact the Financial Aid Office. 

What qualifications do I need to apply for a job?
You first need to qualify for Federal Work-Study.  Please refer to your financial aid award letter or contact the Financial Aid Office. Each department has its own qualifications and we will match you up as best as we can.

What do I do after I find a job?
Answer:  You must return the completed working Contract Form to the Financial Aid Office.  You must also complete W-4 and I-9 Forms and be trained on the time clock software in the Human Resource Office.  A student cannot be paid without the above documents on file.

How are Work-Study employees paid?
Answer:  Work-Study employees are paid once a month. Students must sign up for direct deposit.  Please see the USF Payroll for more information.

What is deducted from Work-Study paychecks?
Answer:  If the check is large enough, Federal Income Tax is withheld according to the completion of the W-4 Form and applicable withholding regulations.  Social Security Tax (FICA) and Medicare are not deducted when the Work-Study employee is enrolled as a full-time student.  (12-16 credit hours)

What if I don't earn my entire Work-Study award?
  Any unearned Work-Study award is forfeited.  Amounts are not carried forward to future enrollment periods.

Can a Work-Study employee work for more than one department? 
  Possibilities are available.  Please contact the Financial Aid Office for further details if you are considering working more than one Work-Study job.

Can I switch jobs?
:  Once you have accepted a Work-Study job, you are expected to continue at that job until the authorized award is earned.  The Financial Aid Office must approve a change in employment since a new working Contract is required.

Do I have to reapply if I want Work-Study again next year?
  Yes.  A student must complete the federally approved financial aid application each year in order for Work-Study eligibility to be determined.  USF has a priority deadline of March 1 to apply for federal aid.  Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).