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Who do I talk to when making a student payment?
Student payments can be made through Lisa in the Business Office in Jorden Hall room 204. Cash, checks, and credit/debit card payments can be made in person, and debit/credit cards can be taken over the phone. Lisa can be reached at (605) 331-6588.

What is the deadline for a check request?
 Complete the  Purchase Order/Check Request form with the appropriate account number and signatures. Invoice or other documentation must be attached. Check requests must be submitted to the Business Office by 5 PM on Wednesday to be paid that week. Checks are printed once a week on Fridays and are available for pickup after 1 PM on that day. 

 When do I need to request a Purchase Order?
All university purchases over $500 must have prior approval. This approval must be obtained before merchandise is ordered, and the purchase order number must be supplied to the vendor prior to the order being placed. Complete the Purchase Order/Check Request form with the account number and appropriate signatures before submitting the form to the Business Office. The purchase order will be available for pick-up the same day.

How do I receive an employee reimbursement?
Requests for employee reimbursements must be submitted on a Purchase Order/Check Request form with the appropriate account number and signatures. Receipts to be reimbursed must have a business purpose written on them. Reimbursement for travel must be accompanied by a Travel Expense Detail form.

How can I get a cash advance?
A cash advance request must be turned in on a Purchase Order/Check Request form. Documentation and receipts (with business purpose) must be turned into the Business Office on a Travel Expense Detail form within one month of the check date of the advance. Failure to turn in the Travel Expense Detail form will result in a deduction from the employee's paycheck in the amount of the cash advance.

How do I use my corporate credit card?
Corporate credit cards can only be used for purchase of USF items. No personal charges should be made. The Credit Card Expense Detail is to be completed and turned in with all credit card receipts to support the charges.

How do I make a university deposit?
Miscellaneous university deposits are handled by the Accounting Assistant in the Business Office on a daily basis. Please provide a Deposit Slip and put the deposit in the deposit tray clearly marked as for “Deposits”. Please hand-deliver deposits to the Business Office. Receipts are sent through campus mail once the deposit is made.

How can I check-out a cash box or the slide-across credit card machine for a university event?

Cash boxes and the slide-across credit card machine are available to check-out in the Business Office.

Where do people receive parking permits/parking maps?

In order to receive a parking permit, students and staff need to fill out a Vehicle Registration form. License plate numbers are required. Parking permits and maps are available in the Security office located in the Mears library.

Where do people pay parking tickets?

People should pay for their parking tickets in the Business Office.

When are paychecks available and where can they be picked up?
Paychecks are sent out on the last business day of the month.

What is the process for a Petty Cash reimbursement?

Reimbursements must be under $25 to qualify for Petty Cash. If more than $25, a check request form will need to be filled out and turned in. For Petty Cash, fill out the Petty Cash form with amount, account number, and description and acquire appropriate budget manager signature. A receipt for the purchase must be attached and business purpose of item must be noted. Business Office will verify and distribute funds from Petty Cash if form is submitted correctly.

How do I get a copy of USF's tax-exempt ID number?

Contact the Business Office at (605) 331-6640.