Team Organization

In particular, HE2RP has targeted two main audiences: highly motivated undergraduate students, and middle/secondary school faculty, whose goals/missions compliment those of HE2RP.

Attainment of the educational and research objectives of each mission requires a collaborative effort by an entire team. In small and self-sufficient teams, each individual makes continuous personal contributions and takes responsibility for his/her actions. This learning situation requires cooperation and communication within the entire group, and invariably provides opportunities for each participant to assume a leadership role as small teams work to accomplish the many tasks of living and working in the ocean.

Generally, the missions' crew are paired such that a more experienced crew commander serves with the less experienced crew members, so as to best take advantage of each person's expertise.

New mission crew members are selected through a competitive search, using application questionnaires, personal interviews and any supplemental information included by the applicant. From the list of interviewed candidates, individuals are selected to fill mission crew vacancies.