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The Program

A major in Communication Studies and Theatre can start you on the road to many careers.  There is the opportunity to continue your education in graduate school, teach speech and theatre at the high school level and even pursue a professional theatre career.  Training in acting, directing and design provides a solid background for many other professions, including mass communications, business, law, public relations, arts administration and other related fields.  Here at USF, our theatre program offers exciting and challenging opportunities, such as main stage productions, experimental theatre, student directed shows and even original scripts.  USF students do not just study theatre, they explore it!

The University of Sioux Falls offers a comprehensive liberal arts program in Communication Studies and Theatre designed to meet the needs of students who desire (1) to improve basic communication and theatre skills; (2) to participate in dramatic presentations and intramural speech communication activities; (3) to teach Communication Studies and Theatre in elementary and secondary schools; and (4) to prepare for graduate work or professional careers.

Although the study of Communication Studies and Theatre is offered as an academic pursuit, much real education is USF's extra-curricular program.  One way in which the curriculum is supplemented is through the speech communication practicum.  Another way in which the curriculum is enhanced is through non-classroom activities and organizations, improvisational troupes, theatre ministry, and campus radio station KCFS-FM, and Alpha Phi Omega -an honorary society for recognition of those who participate in communication and theatre majors and to provide a much needed cultural experience to the campus community.

Majors and Other Opportunities

Communication Studies & Theatre Major (B.A.)
Communication Studies & Theatre Teaching Major (B.A.)
Communication Studies & Theatre Minor
Religious Theatre Major (A.A.)
Language Arts Teaching Major (B.A.)
Main Stage Productions
Children's Theatre
Experimental Theatre
Liturgical Drama
Student Directed Shows
Original Scripts