Computer Science Major
Computer Science (B.S.)

Goals:  The goals of program are to provide (1) a strong foundation in computer languages and software, computer architecture and hardware, and computing theory; (2) effective and flexible computing skills in problem solving; and (3) a solid preparation for pursuing in-depth training in one or more application area or for continuing education in computer science.

Vocational Applications:  Graduates from this program commonly seek employment within IT departments of any organization, business, government agency or academic institution reliant on the development of information technology including computer programming, information and network security or systems analysis.  Some students may seek specialized graduate school training in areas such as Information Assurance, applied and computational mathematics or engineering.

Requirements:  In addition to meeting the regular degree requirements of the University, the student must take the following courses.


Computer Science Minor

Requirements:  Students who meet the regular degree requirements of the University for a major in some other area may receive a minor in Computer Science by completing 18 s.h. as follows.