Computer Information System Major
Computer Information Systems (B.S.)

Goals:  This program prepares business applications programmers/analysts who are well-trained in the technical aspects of computer systems, are knowledgeable of the applications area to which they are applied and have sufficient background to be able to grow professionally in a rapidly changing field. To achieve these goals, the program emphasizes (1) information systems technology; (2) information systems concepts and processes; and (3) organization functions and management, including interpersonal and organizational behavior.

Vocational Applications:  The nature of this program is career oriented.  With both technical and business training, graduates will advance along several career paths leading to positions in system analysis, system design, programming, system project leadership and system management.

Requirements:  In addition to meeting the regular degree requirements of the University, the student must take the following courses.


Computer Information Systems Minor

Requirements:  Students who meet the regular degree requirements of the University for a major in some other area may receive a minor in Computer Information Systems by completing 18 s.h. as follows.