John Petri

BS Mathematics and Computer Science, University of Sioux Falls, 1999:

I can't imagine having a better educational experience than what I received at the University of Sioux Falls. Simply put, the Mathematics and Computer Science programs at USF are excellent! While the top-notch faculty alone are a strong selling point, the major advantage for choosing USF is the faculty's truly personal approach to teaching. I've realized how much the daily one on one interaction with my instructors has helped to shape my career and Christian life. Not only was I taught the essential skills, but I had the honor of being mentored by these great teachers. The Math and Computer Science course work at USF was a solid foundation that enabled me to be competitive in the job market. I initially planned to be a high school math teacher, but later changed course to go into the software engineering field. The courses prepared me to be flexible when looking for a job. The skill set, confidence, and Christian values I received while at USF propelled me into my career after graduation. I am very grateful for my experience at USF and would wholeheartedly recommend USF to anyone interested in mathematics or computer science.

Current position: Software Engineer, IBM Health Care and Life Sciences Development.

Ryan Swanstrom

USF Class of 2001 (Mathematics/Computer Science):

During my four years at the University of Sioux Falls, I not only gained a wonderful knowledge of mathematics and computer science topics, but I was also challenged to grow in my Christian faith. The mathematics and computer science faculty were always willing to spend extra time helping me understand the difficult concepts. Small class sizes also provided a challenging environment where the professor could tailor the class toward student interest. As my advisors, Dr. Roark and Dr. Douma helped me select the courses that were of interest to me as well as important to my future success. After graduating from USF, I felt well prepared for graduate school and the workplace. USF also taught me that I could be a servant of God in any career. I highly recommend the mathematics and/or computer science departments at the University of Sioux Falls. Even if you do not plan on studying mathematics or computer science, I hope you consider the University of Sioux Falls.

Current Position: Software Engineer. Northrop Grumman

Peter Olson

BS in Mathematics, Minor in Computer Science, 1997, University of Sioux Falls
MS in Applied Mathematics, 1999, Rennselear Polytechnic University:

As a student at USF, the small class size provides a real opportunity to get to know the faculty, especially as you progress within your major area of study. I began school with an interest in teaching mathematics at the high school level. My exposure to computers prior to college had been limited. After taking the introductory computing requirement, the faculty encouraged me to consider adding a computer science minor to my studies in mathematics. It was one of the best decisions that I made, as the experience gained at USF has opened-up many new possibilities academically, professionally, and in ministry

Current Position: Project Manager for Multimedia and Robotics Development, RPI

Mike Stroh

BS Computer Science and Business Administration, University of Sioux Falls, 2001

The computer science and mathematics courses I took were among the most challenging and rewarding experiences I had during my four years at USF. My interest in these areas grew immensely due to these courses' ability to develop my appreciation for Math and Computer Science as I prepared for my future profession and life. Studying mathematics, computer science and their applications not only challenged me to think critically and logically to solve problems but also to appreciate more fully the magnificence of God's creation and His gift of human ingenuity. The amount of growth I received personally from the computer science and mathematics courses that I completed, as well as the quality instruction I received from professors, are among the things I cherish most about my USF experience.

Current Position: Precision Computer Systems -- Quality Assurance Analyst

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