Important Reminders

The following reminders are provided to assist students and faculty in the advising process. Please remember that some of this data is contextual--dependent upon the catalog under which a student declares an English major at USF. 
  • The courses offered through the English department for any given semester are available via the Course Offerings section of the web pages for the USF Registrar's Office.  The majority of these courses are effectively described in the USF Course Catalog.  However, some English courses are designed with the flexibility necessary to allow shifts in focus, content, and theme from year to year.  Interested students and advisors may click here for these semester-specific course descriptions.
  • Most upper-level courses in the English department are offered on a two-year rotation.  Because the following courses are specified as requirements for various degree plans, students and advisors should take care to enroll in the courses when they become available. (NOTE: Variations in the rotation are sometimes necessary. The semesters listed below are always subject to change.) 

ENG 360: Advanced Composition
ENG 330: Communication, Language, & Grammar
ENG 366: Evolving Canons

Next Offering

Fall 2014
Spring 2015
Fall 2015
  • Students pursuing a minor in English should consider that ENG 360: Advanced Composition is offered on a two-year rotation. This course is specifically required for the English minor. ENG 360 is scheduled to be offered in the fall of 2014, and then again in the summer of 2015.

  • English majors are required to complete ENG 450: English Major Colloquium. Advisors should be reminding students to collect their coursework in preparation for the portfolio requirement associated with this course. A tri-fold brochure describing ENG 450: English Colloquium is available in .pdf format.