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Furrows is an on-line publication of the University of Sioux Falls dedicated to publishing noteworthy essays composed in Western Heritages I and II (LAR 111 and 112), the required composition courses at USF. Each semester, essays are submitted to the LAR instructors, who then select a number of essays for publication. The writers of three essays will receive cash awards.

The title for this on-line publication was chosen for a number of reasons. Furrows recognizes both the cultural heritage of South Dakota and the habits of mind cultivated by students at USF. In his poem “Digging,” Seamus Heaney articulates the metaphorical parallels between writing and digging:

Between my finger and my thumb
The squat pen rests.
I’ll dig with it.

This metaphor seems especially appropriate, as these essays demonstrate the reflection, curiosity, and critical thinking of students interrogating themselves and the world in which they live. As furrows point to the work of the plow, these essays point to the work of USF students digging into the world.