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At the heart of our services is the thirty-minute consultation, wherein writers work one-on-one with a member of the writing center staff. All writers--whether developing or accomplished--benefit from the presence of feedback throughout the entirety of the writing process. By adopting a process-oriented approach, the USF Writing Center recognizes that individual writers arrive with unique abilities and that individual texts present unique challenges.

To schedule a consultation with a member of the writing center staff, click here and take advantage of our online scheduling feature.

Staff members attempt to ask questions and suggest strategies that will allow writers to more fully understand and negotiate their own writing processes. We can help you think more effectively about any part of your writing process, including the following:
  • generating ideas;
  • ascertaining the audience and purpose;
  • weighing organizational strategies;
  • including appropriate detail and development;
  • addressing mechanical, grammatical, or stylistic issues;
  • pursuing meaningful revision;
  • suggesting strategies for more effective editing and proofreading;
  • effectively observing conventions, including documentation of sources.

When a writer arrives at the USF Writing Center to meet with a member of the staff, the peer consultant will first want to learn about the writer, the assignment, and the writer's goals for the session. The rest of the session is then negotiated by consultant and writer as they discuss various aspects of the paper and strategies for development.

Typically, staff members ask the writer to read the paper aloud or they read through the paper along with the writer. Consultants won't take the paper and mark errors, but they will ask questions, offer strategies, and provide feedback related to the writer's concerns. Through these one-to-one conversations, we hope to assist writers in developing the habits of mind that are most often characteristic of successful writers.

Writers may use our online scheduling feature to secure an appointment ahead of time and ensure the availability of a tutor. Or, writers may also drop by on a first-come, first-served basis.