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Our System

The University of Sioux Falls has over five hundred (500) computers currently on our campus. They are networked and supported by a gigabit infrastructure to all administrative buildings and residence halls. The backbone runs on fiber optic cable between buildings to switches, which feed each workstation. Our network is currently hosted by Windows 2003 Servers. Our ERP runs on an HPUX server (CARS Administrative database). This infrastructure is the backbone for both our administrative and academic computing on campus.


Academic Computing  

Computer technology is integrated into nearly every aspect of our academic programs at USF. Most classrooms are wired for network and Internet access. Projectors are either integrated into the classrooms (such as in the new Cleveland building) or are available on carts for classroom instruction along with PC Laptops. The newest PCs are always placed in the labs and all lab PCs are reloaded from a source image at least once per semester. Student ID Cards are generated currently with photos and mag stripes. These cards act as building access keys.


Students can access our local network and the World Wide Web from their room in all on campus residence halls. There are also Computer labs centrally located in these residence halls: Grand Island (10 PC’s, 1 laser printer), Collier-Baker (18 PC’s, 1 laser printer), Sullivan (12 PC's, 1 laser printer). Also available to students are five other computer labs on campus: Library (18 PC’s, 1 laser printer), Science Center (33 PC’s, 1 laser printer), Student Union (12 PC’s, 1 laser printer), Jeschke (12 Macs, 1 laser printer), Jeschke Music Lab (4 PC's), Glidden (27 PC's, 2 color printers, 1 laser printer) and Cleveland Center (18 PC's, 1 laser printer, 1 color laser).  

Distance Learning  

In 1999, University of Sioux Falls partnered with eCollege to offer online courses for students that are not convenient to campus. eCollege provides the software and online services that are needed, while USF provides the content and teachers for each course offered. Required components of the eCollege environment include: Internet access, Cookies, Java, JavaScript, RealPlayer, and Shockwave Flash. These are available on all lab computers on campus.



The University of Sioux Falls is part of the Microsoft Campus Agreement 3.0 licensing program. With Campus Agreement we are licensed to run the most current version of several Microsoft applications, including Windows, Office Professional, FrontPage, Project, and Visual Studio, on any campus-owned PC or Macintosh system.

The software USF uses for virus checking is Symantec Antivirus Corporate Edition 10. Additional software on various lab machines include: Borland C++ Builder 5, Borland Delphi 4,  Mathematica, SPSS, Python, and Finale. Distinct disciplines such as music, education, and media studies also purchase other software applicable to their department.