Online Programs

Payment Schedule

Accelerated Online Program Tuition and Fees are subject to change.


  • Classes - $330 per credit hour
  • M.Ed. Classes - $305 per credit hour
  • M.B.A. Classes - $375 per credit hour


  • Varies, depending on program

Additional classes

  • $330 (per credit up to 7 sh) liberal arts and elective credits

Other Fees

  • Undergraduate Graduation Fee - $75
  • M.Ed. and M.B.A. Graduation Fee - $110

Tuition Deposit

  • A non-refundable tuition deposit of $100 will be required upon your acceptance to the Degree Completion Program and will be credited to your Term I balance. (Refundable within 24-hour drop notice.)

Other Options for Credit Hours

  • APriL
  • CLEP
  • Test-Out

If you would like more information about APriL, CLEP or Test-Out and the cost for each, please visit with your online coach at

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