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Payment Options

Payment can be made in cash or by check, Visa or Mastercard. Transcripts and diplomas will not be furnished until students' accounts are paid in full.

Financial Aid

Complete Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Federal Stafford loans are disbursed in one disbursement per term. The disbursement is sent from the lender on the start date of the second class in each term.

Visit our Financial Aid Website.

Term Payment Plan

Due the first night of each term.

Deferred Term Plan

The deferred term plan is designed for students who have not received their financial aid or employer education assistance by the first night of class.

Monthly Payment Plan

Forms for the FACTS Automatic Tuition Payment Agreement can be obtained from the Student Accounts Office (605-331-6640).

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Or call 1-800-888-1047 to speak to a University representative.