Alan Sazama '10

Medical Doctor, Residency in Emergency Medicine at Regions Hospital


Medical Doctor, Residency in Emergency Medicine at Regions Hospital




Exercise Science; Minor in Chemistry

His Life Today

After graduation, Dr. Alan Sazama attended the Sanford School of Medicine at USD, graduating with his M.D. degree in 2014. He and wife Taya, USF class of 2011, moved to Minnesota where he is completing a three-year residency in Emergency Medicine at Regions Hospital in downtown St. Paul.

Always Reaching for More

"It's inspiring to know that USF is constantly looking for ways to improve, such as updating buildings or hiring new faculty," he says. "But it doesn't ever seem to lose its focus on its mission, which is what makes the University great."

Three Insights From USF

Insight #1: "There is true value to a well-rounded education." Insight #2: "A Culture for Service extends to everyday life, not just mission trips and service days." Insight #3: "Burgess Hall may one day be torn down, but it will stand forever in our hearts as the greatest dorm in USF history!"

Learning Beyond the Classroom

Dr. Sazama was an RA in Burgess Hall for three years, and he says that experience, including "the sights, sounds, smells and people," shaped the kind of person he has become. "Some lifelong friends were made during this time, and I learned how to relate to a wide variety of personalities, something I now have to do this on a nightly basis in the ER."

Never Afraid to Try

Dr. Sazama says his favorite memories of USF were the times he stepped out of his comfort zone and tried something new, showed up to a campus activity or took a class outside of his major.

USF in One Word

"United," says Dr. Sazama. "It's a group of faculty, support staff, administration and students working together to educate tomorrow's world changers."