Dr. Stephanie Austin Myers '03

Physical Therapist, Avera Health


Physical Therapist, Avera Therapy




Exercise Science and Wellness with Concentration in Fitness Management and Leadership

Her Life Today:

Dr. Myers is a Physical Therapist with Avera Therapy, working primarily with individuals with neurological issues, and she has a special interest in Parkinson's, Multiple Sclerosis and CVA. After marrying Nick Myers—also a 2003 USF graduate—she pursued her degree in physical therapy, and in 2006 she received her doctorate from Creighton University, with an additional health care management certificate. After that, she started her work at Avera Therapy.

Academics Before Athletics

She says USF Basketball Coach Katie Dailey was an inspiration, and, from day one, Dailey was compassionate and interested in her. Dailey also made sure academics came before athletics. "After a season-ending injury in my sophomore year of basketball, she (Head Coach Katie Dailey) played an integral role in making sure I was able to make it to and from classes on crutches in the winter safely," explains Dr. Myers. She also was blessed to have her sister Jill (Austin) Flint with her at USF. "What an honor to be able to play basketball in college with your sister!"

USF Instills Core Values

"Today, I have the opportunity to supervise college interns from USF, and it is always a blessing to have these students in the clinic, as they have something unique about them," she says. She believes the education that they are receiving from USF is preparing them to become the leaders of tomorrow. "I am always so proud to let pre-physical therapy or other observers know the exceptional education that is obtained at USF."