Ethan Batschelet '12

World Gospel Mission, Honduras


World Gospel Mission, Honduras




Theology/Philosophy and Spanish

His Life Today:

After Ethan Batschelet graduated, he went to Honduras to serve as a full-time missionary through World Gospel Mission, where he works with impoverished children and youth from high-risk areas. He also teaches theology classes at a Bible Institute and works in counseling and sponsorship programs for young people.

Culture For Service

He says USF's motto, "Culture for Service," has stayed with him. "USF's theology and Spanish departments instilled in me a true love for serving the Lord overseas within Latin cultures," he says.

Worth The Effort

Batschelet says the many hours of studying, writing and praying while at USF were worth it. "It is all working up to being a part of something bigger than yourself—serving the Lord on a global scale."

Christ in All Things

While at USF, Batschelet says students were shown—in all classes, whether math or Spanish or literature— that Christ is in everything we study and do.

Study/Travel Transformed Him

In 2010, he went to Israel with a group led by Dennis Thum, Dean of Chapel and Religious Studies Instructor. "That trip changed my life, and to this day I see the Bible in a more complete way when I read and study. Before graduating, and to this day, Dennis Thum is an encouragement to me."