Richard Hutchinson '01

Assistant Principal, George McGovern Middle School


Assistant Principal, George McGovern Middle School




History and Secondary Education

His Life Today:

Richard Hutchinson is the Assistant Principal at George McGovern Middle School in Sioux Falls. In addition to that leadership role, he also serves as volunteer Lead Pastor at Charis Church. "Since my time at USF, my journey has had many twists and turns," he says. "I have served as a youth pastor, taught 7th grade social studies and worked as an assistant principal at two schools in Sioux Falls."

A Passion for Teaching

USF Dean of the Chapel Dennis Thum encouraged Hutchinson to pursue an education major because the skills could be useful in any career. "While student teaching, I discovered the thrill of helping students learn," says Hutchinson. Today, he has opportunities to work with Education majors from USF. "They inspire me," he says.

Take Risks

Hutchinson says USF was a place where he was able to explore who he was and who he wanted to be. "God is bigger than your box!" he says. "Take a risk, and leave the crowd. Stumble, fall, make a fool of yourself, fail, be misunderstood, because Grace isn't for playing it safe."

Friendships Matter

Hutchinson says many of the friendships he has today were ones he established while he was at USF. "People are ultimately what make a school great!" he says. "These are the people who challenge me, support me and enjoy life with me."