Shane Sandersfeld '96

Sales and Marketing Specialist


Sales & Marketing Specialist (PPI Sports, University of Minnesota, Minnesota Vikings)




Broadcast Journalism

His Life Today:

After USF, Shane Sandersfeld worked as a Public Relations Assistant for the Minnesota Vikings and was Media Relations Director for the University of Minnesota Gophers. Today, he continues to build his career as a Sales and Marketing Specialist in Des Moines, Iowa.

Reach Out

Sandersfeld says one of the most important things he learned at USF is to step out of your comfort zone. In 1994, he was part of a mission trip that went to Chicago to live among the homeless. "It definitely put things into perspective and opened my eyes to not only how blessed we are, but how God works through all people in different ways," he says. "I will never forget a homeless man begging on the street who wouldn't accept money from me after he found out I was a college student. He said I could use it more than him. A man who had nothing still found a way to give."

Most Inspiring About USF

"My best and truest friends almost 20 years after I have graduated are still the people that I met and bonded with at USF," he says. "The USF community and your experience there aren't confined to your college years. The importance of faith, the friendships you build and the way you lead your life extend well beyond your graduation date and will always be part of who you are."

USF In One Word

"Transformative." Sandersfeld says: "The community of professors, coaches and students at USF all helped shape who I am today. USF strengthened my faith and showed me the importance of serving Him and others through my talents."