Tom Henderson '98

Entrepreneur, Restoration Generation; Author


Entrepreneur, Restoration Generation; Author




Sociology and Psychology; Minor: Religious Studies

His Life Today:

In 2010, Tom Henderson and his wife launched Restoration Generation, a non-profit ministry focused on "restoring a generation of relationships—vertically and horizontally." To accomplish this, he speaks to students around the country at festivals, conferences, public schools and other events. In December 2013, his first book, Heart Not Hype, was published.

Life Lessons Learned at USF

Strive for excellence in all that you do. Never underestimate what you can accomplish for God. If you love and care for others as well as work well with other people, you will be successful wherever you go. Use whatever platform you have been given as a platform for the Kingdom.

What Shaped Him Most

"The faculty as a whole, and their commitment to students both in and out of the classroom, shaped me the most," he says. "I still have great relationships with many of my professors and coaches."

Most Inspirational About USF

Henderson says he values the fact that no matter how much the world changes, USF still remains committed to the same thing – preparing students for excellence in the workplace while living for Christ.

USF In One Word

"Preparation," says Henderson. "I grew in so many ways, in so many aspects while at USF. It was integral in preparing me for how God wanted to use me."