Zak Fick '14 (M.B.A)

Entrepreneur, Help U


Entrepreneur, Help U




MBA, Entrepreneurial Studies

His Life Today:

Zak Fick is CEO and founder of Help U, an online platform that connects students and communities, allowing users to post odd jobs and hire college students. Through this connection, students earn money, and community members have access to hundreds of local students who can help them get work done at the price they set. Fick earned his MBA from USF in 14 months, which makes him the fastest and youngest to complete the program.

Communication is Power

He says that at USF he learned everything revolves around the quality of communication between individuals. "I learned that collaboration has a knack for producing more than the sum of its parts," he explains. "I also learned about relationships, and that developing and maintaining them can make or break your future success in all walks of life."

USF Gave Him Courage

He says he will never forget his times at USF, because he gained confidence in himself. "I learned to put that first step forward to see if I can't create something amazing," he says. "My USF professors collectively became the backbone of my business' humble beginnings." Fick says he relies on his USF network daily.

Most Inspiration About USF Today

Fick says the investment that USF donors and the community are making towards the college's future is inspiring. "The leaders on campus and the generous supporters of it are truly showing what the future of higher education is," he says.