This short seminar is designed for those just starting businesses or who have just started a business and have little or no knowledge of South Dakota tax requirements. This overview seminar includes: 

  • How and when to apply for a tax license (including license requirements and application process).
  • Gross receipts.
  • Municipal tax.
  • Use tax.
  • Taxation of services.
  • How to file sales tax returns by paper and electronically through EPath.
  • Exemptions from sales and use tax.
  • Purchases for resale.

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Meet the Instructor: Darrin Gerry is a Senior Revenue Agent for the State of South Dakota Department of Revenue. Darrin has conducted many seminars including basic sales tax seminars, basic contractor’s excise tax seminars, training for other agents and government agencies, workshops for college and vocational-technical classes and industry specific presentation as requested. He has a BS in Business Administration.

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