The fireplace is on, Christmas presents are wrapped under the tree, and the family gathers around the television sipping hot cocoa as the familiar melodies of Christmas music fill the air. It is moments like these we cherish in our memory. Thanks to a group of generous donors, USF had the honor of helping create memories just like this. The Concert Chorale brought sweet Christmas melodies into homes all around the region.

It is because of donors such as Dick and Shirley Barcus that a very special University of Sioux Falls Christmas Music Special aired on South Dakota Public Broadcasting television on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day in 2017. The couple says coming home after church to watch Christmas choir specials on Christmas Eve is a tradition for them. Dick and Shirley Barcus both attended USF and are college sweethearts who were active members of the choir. It's a tradition they are excited to share with all alumni and friends of the university to usher in the Christmas spirit with the excellence of the Concert Chorale's angelic melodies.

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