Earn a high-quality education from USF in less time, for less money.

The University of Sioux Falls offers two 3-year degree programs that make it possible for you to enter the workforce or pursue a graduate degree more quickly than you would with a traditional four-year degree, and making your college education more affordable.

The programs meet the 120-credit hour graduation requirement. They consist of six semesters over three years during the typical fall and spring academic year and two summer sessions. This allows you to earn an undergraduate degree in three years or six semesters, instead of four years, and save you time and money. Your personal savings will depend upon your individual Financial Aid Offer.

Applications to the 3-year Degree Programs are accepted on a rolling basis, with a priority deadline of April 1, for admission to the program in the following academic year. (Ex: April 1 is the priority deadline for the upcoming academic year.)

Apply for Admission to 3-year Degree Program

As you go through these steps, do not hesitate to contact the Admissions Office if you have questions or are unclear about any part of the application process.

Step 1

Apply for Admission to USF

You must be accepted for admission to the University in order to apply for the 3-year Degree Program.

Application for Admission

Step 2

Start 3-year Degree Program Application Form

You must complete and submit the online form to start the application process for the 3-year Degree Program.

Application for 3-year Degree Program

3-year Degree Program Benefits

  • Academic Rigor — You will thrive in an academic environment that will develop your critical thinking skills, hone your problem solving abilities and expose you to all facets of business through applied hands-on learning.
  • Transitional Environments — You will experience several learning environments mirroring today's work environments—face-to-face, online and hybrid (a combination of both).
  • Service Learning — You will work with local organizations to see firsthand how entrepreneurs and business leaders make a difference in their communities.
  • Build Relationships — You will experience networking opportunities with your colleagues, friends and business leaders to leverage your time spent at the University of Sioux Falls.
  • Personal Engagement and Development — You will learn about faith and business, vocation as God's calling, stewardship, personal financial management, economic freedom, the U.S. Constitution and more.
  • Explore the World — You will have an opportunity to travel domestically or abroad to experience entrepreneurship and business and see firsthand how other cultures view and promote economic freedom.
  • Rolling Admission and Scholarships — Rolling admission means you can apply for either 3-year program anytime, and if you are interested in Entrepreneurial Studies you can apply for the competitive Lillibridge Entrepreneurial Studies Scholarship.
  • Access to Start-up Capital — If you choose the 3-year Entrepreneurial Studies major, you will have the opportunity to compete for up to $25,000 of seed money to help launch your idea—just be prepared to present your idea to a panel of local business leaders.

3-year Degree Curriculum — Accounting & Business

With new industries, more sophisticated technologies and expanding opportunities for businesses, accounting professionals are in high demand. Whether you choose to become a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) or simply want the accounting background to enhance your business career, the University of Sioux Falls Vucurevich School of Business will provide you with the necessary skills to land a successful career in public accounting or private accounting. In addition, our business faculty incorporates their Christian faith and personal business experiences into each course.

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Optional 1-year MBA in Organizational Leadership

Upon completion of your 3-year degree program, consider our 12-month MBA in one of four career tracks to help increase your earning potential and gain a stronger return on investment in your Christian liberal arts education. Accounting & Business majors can also apply their MBA credits toward the 150 s.h. required to sit for the CPA exam. 


Tom & Cindy Lillibridge Entrepreneurial Studies Scholarship

Our program champions, Tom and Cindy Lillibridge, established a scholarship for individuals who come from entrepreneurial households, students who own business or students who desire to be business owners. This scholarship is available to undergraduate students on a competitive basis.

Application Form

Tuition, Room & Board and Fees

The same rate of tuition, room/board and fees that apply to 4-year degree programs at USF apply to 3-year degree programs.

Visit USF Financial Aid to learn about Tuition, Room & Board and Fees; Financial Aid; How to Apply for Aid; and How to Pay for College.

3-year Degree Requirements

  • Cumulative high school GPA of 3.4; or
  • Cumulative high school GPA of 3.2 and a composite ACT score of at least 25
  • Cumulative high school GPA of 3.2 and a combined SAT score of at least 1150
  • Declare either an Accounting & Business or Entrepreneurial Studies major
  • Agree to the prescribed program pathway
  • Admission to the University of Sioux Falls
  • Admission to the 3-year Degree Program

If your ACT/SAT and/or GPA do not meet the preferred minimums yet you are willing to challenge yourself with the goals of a 3-year Degree Program, we invite you to apply and to explain in your Personal Essay how you will embrace the challenges and opportunities of the program.

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Bruce Watley

Director of Lillibridge Center for Entrepreneurial Studies and Innovation

Email: 3yeardegree@usiouxfalls.edu
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