Transferable Credit

An Associate degree or transferable semester hours (48 credits) with a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or above from accredited colleges, universities or other post-secondary institutions is required for admission to the Degree Completion Program. Transfer credit may include traditional coursework or non-traditional options such as professional education and training, military training, prior work-related learning as recognized by the American Council of Education (ACE), Center for Professional Development workshops, CLEP or test out, correspondence courses or Assessment of Prior Learning (APriL) portfolios. Transfer credit will fulfill either liberal arts requirements or elective courses. The number of credit hours a student transfers to USF, as well as the number of liberal arts courses needed, will determine the number of credit hours a student will need to complete in order to satisfy graduation requirements.

Liberal Arts Core Requirements (35 semester hours)

The liberal arts core requirements of the Degree Completion Program are essentially the same as other undergraduate programs at the University of Sioux Falls. Often they are at least partially fulfilled by courses taken as part of a student's transferable credit. Some students elect to earn these credits prior to beginning DCP, while others choose to take courses at the same time or after finishing their DCP major courses. While liberal arts requirements do not have to be completed before entering DCP, they do need to be satisfied before a student is eligible for graduation. Below is the list of liberal arts requirements.


53 semester hours


42 semester hours

Health Administration

48 semester hours

Total Hours Needed for Graduation (120 semester hours)

Each DCP student is required to meet the following liberal arts core requirements. Social Work majors refer to Curriculum guidelines specific to program.

Liberal Arts Requirements

Writing and Intellectual Traditions

6 s.h.


6 s.h.


3 s.h.


3 s.h.

Fine Arts

3 s.h.


4 s.h.


3 s.h.

Social Science

6 s.h.


(see curriculum for DCP Accounting, Business and Health Administration majors.)

Exercise Science

1 s.h.