Eric Kinghorn, class of 2019

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Eric Kinghorn, class of 2019 

James Stainbrook, class of 2019 

Q: What kind of jobs can I get with a health administration degree?

A: There are many positions an individual can obtain with a health administration degree. At the bachelor’s level, an individual could be a Practice Manager for a clinic or smaller healthcare facility, or a Patient Experience Coordinator, Administrative Officer, or choose a Risk Management position. - James

Q: Is a business administration degree better or health administration degree? It seems like business administration would be more versatile in the long run.

A: It depends on your career aspirations, if you have a passion for healthcare but don’t want to be directly involved with patient treatment then the health administration degree is for you. You can lead a change in how care is delivered by making the business and/or financial decisions that healthcare requires. – Eric

Q: How much does it cost to get a health administration degree?

A: Cost for a health administration degree will vary depending on the level of degree and the school.  Current tuition for the health administration degree through the Degree Completion Program is $370 per credit hour. - James

Q: How long does it take to get a health administration degree?

A: The length of time it may take to obtain a health administration degree will depend on the level of degree the student is achieving. A Bachelor’s program can be done in approximately18-24 months. - James

Q: Can someone continue to work while getting this degree?

A: I feel anyone can continue to work and achieve their degree, I did it working 45-55 hours a week while raising a family of three children with my wife helping a lot along the way. - Eric

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