Innovative MBA With Unique Experiences


Develop Yourself as a Leader

Our program will help you develop as a leader and gain greater confidence in your ability to lead others.


Accelerated Courses

Our three-week courses are intense, allowing you to complete your degree quickly.


Transitional Environments

You will experience several learning environments mirroring today's work environments — face-to-face, hybrid and online.


Gathering Points

You will have the opportunity to demonstrate your comprehension of content through applied learning assessments that will help prepare you for the capstone project.


Integrated Curriculum

You will build your competency through courses that link content from one course to the next.


Coaching and Mentoring

You will work with coaches and mentors to help you develop your own leadership style by learning from the best.



You will have the opportunity to demonstrate your mastery of the MBA content through a two-day, application-based learning assessment.


Commissioning Ceremony

Congratulations! One year passes quickly. Before you know it, you will participate in the MBA Commissioning Ceremony that celebrates your achievement as a leader and service to others.