Luke Wanous, class of 2019

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Luke Wanous, class of 2019

Mary Mahan, class of 2019

Q: What’s the fastest way I can get my MBA from USF?

A: The fastest way to get an MBA is through the one-year MBA program. This is a 12- month accelerated program that challenges the students with a fast paced curriculum that prepares them extremely well for the work field.  - Luke

Q: Am I able to work full time or part time while getting my MBA?

A: Yes, definitely! I worked full time while enrolled in the 12-month program, and I would argue that working while attending class helped me to understand the class lessons that much more. I enrolled in as many online courses as possible, and my employer gladly worked with my schedule for me to attend classes that required attendance. - Mary

Q: How much does an MBA at USF cost?

A: Both the 12-month and 21-month programs cost $390/credit @ 36 credits, which comes to $14,040. - Mary

Q: What’s the difference between an MBA in Organizational Leadership versus an MBA in Management?

A: Anyone can manage an established business and do an adequate job, it takes a true talent and proper skill set to be an effective leader within an organization and create a positive change within a company. An MBA in Organizational Leadership gives you the tools necessary to be a positive impact within the organization as it relates to effective communication, leadership strategies and proper managerial techniques to allow for growth within an organization. - Luke

Q: What kind of graduate assistant opportunities are available?

A: There are copious amounts of graduate assistant opportunities available through USF. I had no intention of being a GA until an opportunity fell in my lap during the first week of summer classes to be a Sports Information GA. Being a GA has been a great experience as I have met many incredible people and developed skills that will benefit me in my future career. - Luke

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