Angela Schoffelman, class of 2020 

Q: I am thinking about the Health Care Management concentration? I don't know whether the market for this Master’s degree is encouraging. What can you do with the healthcare Management concentration at a Master’s level?

A: The leadership of Avera values what this degree means for my future, what it can bring to the Avera organization and my commitment to learning. Since starting the program, I have even received a job promotion. The healthcare field is constantly changing and the future requires knowledge and experience that can innovate and disrupt the way things have always been done. I would argue that there is no better time than to pursue this degree with the Health Care Management concentration!

Q: Am I able to work full-time or part-time while getting my MBA?

I work a very time-intensive full-time job while also attending MBA classes. The options are so varied that I can find time for classes that works for me and my busy schedule.    

Q: Do you take any healthcare classes for this degree?

A: Throughout the program, I have taken a number of healthcare focused classes. The professors bring valuable real world healthcare experience to the classroom and often have healthcare leaders from the community speak in classes.  

Q: What types of classes are offered online versus in the classroom? Are there certain classes that are solely online? 

A: Most classes are offered both online and in the classroom. I have been able to take both online and in-person classes, depending on my busy schedule. The online courses provide flexibility for my busy life and the classes in the classroom allow for in-person learning and networking with other students that are just as eager to learn as I am!

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