Certificate programs allow students to learn specific career skills in order to obtain a job or specialize in their careers. Some students choose to obtain certification instead of obtaining a degree, while others take certificate programs to transfer the credits into a degree program.

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Certificate in Business Innovation and Marketing (Campus) – 12 Credits

BUS 533

Sales Management

BUS 525

Marketing Research

BUS 528

Innovation and Problem Solving

BUS 553

Business Plan Development

Certificate in Healthcare Management (Online) – 12 Credits

BUS 518

Healthcare Systems

BUS 545

Healthcare Cost Management

BUS 532

Legal and Regulatory Issues in Healthcare

BUS 556

Healthcare Colloquium

Certificate in Management (Campus or Online) – 12 Credits

BUS 515

HR Management

BUS 564


BUS 562

Commercial Law

BUS 538

Project Management

Certificate in Organizational Leadership (Online) – 12 credits

BUS 528

Innovation and Problem Solving

BUS 531

Empowering Others

BUS 536

Leading by Serving

BUS 541

Leading Change