Payton Pry, class of 2019

Q. Will I get paid more for earning a master’s degree in reading?

A: Yes, you will get paid more for earning a master’s degree in reading. You will even get a pay increase after completing your BA +24! However, it is important to know and understand your district salary schedule because there are other requirements you must meet before receiving the pay increase, such as years of experience in the district. It is also important to complete all degree advancement intent forms, through HR records, before the deadline, to receive pay increases.

Q. How long does it take to get a master’s degree in reading?

A. You can receive a master’s degree in reading in just two short years! The bulk of your course load will be over the summer. 

Q. If I get into this degree and it’s too intense, is there such a thing as taking a break for a semester?

A. Yes, you can take a break from classes if they become too much. You would just then be on a three-year plan versus a two-year plan.

Q. If I plan to continue working full time while I’m taking classes, does my school district need to sign off on this in any way?

A. Teaching full time while taking classes is great. The classes you are taking can directly relate to what is happening in the classroom. Many of the projects and assignments can be implemented within your own classroom. Your school district doesn’t need to sign off, you will just need to fill out the degree advancement intent form through HR records.

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